Enhancing the safety of virus-inactivated ancillary materials through neutralizing antibodies

The discovery of antibodies in the late nineteenth century marks one of the most significant advancements in our understanding of the human immune system. It catalyzed over a century of rapidly evolving investigations and characterizations of the invisible biochemical mechanisms that keep us safe every day. This blossoming immunological understanding continues to progress alongside our

Going Green, the Akron Way

One small act can change the world, which is why we at Akron Biotech began our work with One Tree Planted in 2018. The mission behind One Tree Planted is simple: While the problems around climate change and deforestation are vast, planting a tree is something anyone can do. The non-profit is committed to planting

Reducing Variability in Cytokine Activity Reporting

Ensuring the quality and consistency of ancillary materials used in the manufacture of cell and gene therapies is critical to both controlling costs and ensuring the integrity of the therapeutic product. It is our responsibility as ancillary material manufacturers to reduce the variability that biomanufacturing presents. This is especially important when considering the manufacture of