Akron innovates beyond product: from unique packaging concepts to innovative solutions that can revolutionize the way your therapy performs, we have the expertise to help you stand out. Work with Akron to customize your requirements—from concept design, research and development, and validation—through to clinical translation and commercial product.

Custom Product Design and Formulation

Akron provides custom tools and technologies for today’s most advanced and innovative R&D in human medicine. We provide unparalleled personalized customer service and support, meeting your needs and following the regulatory roadmap for advanced biologics

Why Choose Akron:

  • Our custom manufacturing capabilities ensure quality, consistency, and competitive pricing
  • We provide innovative solutions to bottlenecks in product development
  • Ultimately, our extensive knowledge and expertise safeguard your success!


Customized Products and Services

Akron can customize products to your specification, formulation, packaging and scale. Whether it is a modification of an existing catalogue item, or a new product or concept, as a manufacturer and service supplier we can directly address your needs through custom solutions. Consult with Akron to find the most appropriate product and grade for your application. Choose between research grade and cGMP grade, depending on the type of documentation you require. Once products have been released from our manufacturing facility as research grade, they cannot be retrospectively approved as cGMP grade.

Product Design, Control, and Validation

Akron’s in-house capability offers product development consultation, contract device, and process design to develop and optimize your product, from initial concept to market release. Our established quality assurance systems and design systems ensure that your product meets your specifications and is fit for your purpose.

Our support covers the entire development cycle of your product, going far beyond a reagent in a vial. We conduct industry approved testing and product release services, which include sterility, endotoxin, stability, and bioactivity, in addition to the process validation that is fundamental to manufacturing biologicals for therapeutic applications. Packaging is carried out in ISO certified facilities and offered in a range of containers, from vials to industrial sized bags. Regulatory compliant labeling design consultation is available. Our entire service offerings are backed by expertise to meet the requirements of regulatory authorities worldwide.