Akron offers cGMP Plasmid DNA manufacturing services, enabling the production of proteins and viral vectors (Lentivirus and AAV) as well as the development of non-viral Plasmid DNA-mediated gene therapies. Our commitment to producing Plasmid DNA in line with cGMP requirements ensures end-to-end traceability and documented process integrity, enabling your clinical and commercial success.

cGMP Plasmid DNA Manufacturing

We meet you where you are in your process, starting as early as plasmid DNA design –sequencing and synthesizing your gene and cloning into a plasmid vector – or further downstream, either with the generation of master and working cell banks or with the scale up of your existing manufacturing process, with all of the in-process and release testing required for regulatory approval.

Our cGMP Plasmid DNA is produced using single-use systems and offered in batch sizes that range from milligrams to grams. All material is produced in accordance with relevant regulatory requirements and guidances. Reach out to learn more about how we can support your work with our cGMP-grade Plasmid DNA.