Akron understands the importance of quantitative, reliable and validated assays in research and drug development programs.

With our innovative assay design and development capabilities, we can quickly develop custom assays to fit your applications and targets. We have a broad range of expertise in designing cell-free systems for studying enzyme kinetics, and assays using primary or recombinant cell lines for studying biological and physiological effects. Moreover, our in-house custom reagent manufacturing capabilities allow us to custom-tailor the components of your assay, and to offer the end-product in a ready-to-use kit format.

Trends in Assay Development

newgraph4Growth Drivers of Bioassays

  1. The need for experimental human cells. These cells are better at predicting human biological responses than are nonhuman cells, genetically modified cell lines, or living nonhuman animals.
  2. The desire to lower the cost of drug development in the pharmaceutical industry. Human cell systems may provide a platform for screening toxic drugs early in the development process. This will help avoid late stage failures in clinical trials, reducing costs.
  3. The need to minimize the use of animal products in research, for ethical and cost reasons.
  4. The need for consistency in experiments. Consistency can be better delivered by quality- controlled products.
  5. Commercial availability of tools and technologies. Akron is a leading supplier of tools and technologies in the bioassay field.


Contact us today if you have a question about our assay-development services. Take advantage of our comprehensive knowledge and services in recombinant protein production, antibody generation, peptide synthesis, and cell line development. We can help you deliver your assay in a timely and cost-effective manner.