Bioengineered Scaffolds

Bioengineered Scaffolds: Leaping Toward Tissue Regeneration

In tissue engineering, the type, composition and properties of biomaterials used as scaffolds for the construction of the bioengineered tissue – or organ – have a profound effect on the functional properties of the tissue. Alongside this, the molecular landscape of the cellular environment is equally as critical.

At Akron, we continuously innovate to deepen our understanding of not only the engineering aspects of 3D bioengineered structures, but also the cellular landscape – growth factors, cytokines, cells – that are required to support the functionality of the scaffolds.

Akron’s capabilities in the generation of bioengineered tissues originates from our expertise in 3D scaffold assembly through electrospinning.

‘Smart’ scaffolds – composite structures with synthetic or natural polymers alongside biological compounds to assist in the establishment of biological function and tissue reconstruction – are an active area of research at Akron.

Akron’s electrospun nanofibers (3D) scaffolds are aimed at a variety of tissue engineering applications.

From 3D cell culture scaffolds which offer cells an environment that closely resembles the mechanical and physical features of natural ECM to custom 3D tissue engineered constructs, Akron’s nanofiber scaffolds are innovative, versatile and robust.

AK-Polyfibers: Cell Culture Inserts

Ak-Polyfibers are 3D scaffolds sold as ready-to-use well plate inserts for cell culture, in a variety of plate configurations.

Bioengineered Nanofiber Scaffolds

Akron’s ongoing research and development has enabled us to innovate on custom scaffold fabrication for applications as varied as organ regeneration, tissue reconstruction and regenerative medicine.

Our expertise lies in the fabrication of any shape or size scaffold in a variety of natural or synthetic materials using our advanced electrospinning technology, with advanced physicochemical properties.

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