Recombinant Human Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, rHu BDNF

Recombinant Human Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, rHu BDNF

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Recombinant Human Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (rHu BDNF) is a member of the nerve growth factor family of trophic factors. In the brain, it has a trophic action on retinal, cholinergic, and dopaminergic neurons, and in the peripheral nervous system it acts on both motor and sensory neurons.

  • Animal-Free protein
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  • Lot-specific:  SDS-PAGE, LAL analysis, and bioactivity
  • Purity levels are 95% or greater
  • Custom packaging for bulk orders

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SKU: AK8286

BDNF supports the survival and maintenance of neurons in the central nervous system and peripheral nervous systems. Some protein domains of BDNF are identical with those of NGF and another neurotrophic factor, designated NT-3 (neurotrophin-3). Polyclonal antibodies raised against murine NGF have been shown to cross-react with both NT-3 and BDNF. rHu BDNF produced in E. coli is a homodimer, non-glycosylated, polypeptide chain which contains 2 x 119 amino acids and has a total molecular mass of 26.89 kDa.


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