Recombinant Human Insulin, rHu Insulin

Recombinant Human Insulin, rHu Insulin

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Serum-free medium supplements, such as insulin, are essential for long-term growth of commonly used mammalian cell lines. When insulin is absent from media, cells may exhibit disturbances in morphology and growth rate.

Features and Specifications:
•Custom packaging and sizes available
•Lyophilized format
•Custom biological activity assays available

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Recombinant human Insulin (rHu Insulin) is identical in function and structure to the native human sequence. A hormone consisting of two polypeptide chains, rHu Insulin′s A-chain (21 amino acids) and B-chain (30 amino acids) are covalently linked by disulfide bonds between cysteine residues. This genetically engineered human insulin is a full sequence molecule produced in baker’s yeast by recombinant DNA technology. rHu Insulin is a two-chain polypeptide hormone produced by the β-cells of pancreatic islets. Its molecular weight is ~5800 Da. The α and β chains are joined by two interchain disulfide bonds. The α chain contains an intrachain disulfide bond. Insulin regulates the cellular uptake, utilization, and storage of glucose, amino acids, and fatty acids and inhibits the breakdown of glycogen, protein, and fat.


1000 mg, 25 mg, 250 mg