Human Serum Albumin 25%, HSA 25%

Human Serum Albumin 25%, HSA 25%

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Akron Biotech offers a variety of Human Serum Albumins in a customized solution form. Our HSA’s are certified as US origin. The raw materials are derived from FDA inspected facilities.

Features and Specifications:

  • High purity, low interference, low background
  • Very low levels of endotoxin, bioburden, and enzyme/protease activity
  • Meets U.S. FDA requirements for source plasma

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Human Serum Albumin is the most abundant protein and main component in human plasma.

Akron HSA’s can be used as protein standards, diluents, carrier proteins, protein stabilizers, molecular weight marker proteins, protein source in cell culture studies, and in vaccine preparations.


  • Cell culture
  • Hybridization assays
  • Implantable biomaterials
  • Immunotherapy/Immunoassays





100 ml