cGMP Human AB Serum (Converted from plasma)

cGMP Human AB Serum (Converted from plasma)

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Human AB Serum is collected from the clotted whole blood of healthy male donors at FDA-licensed facilities located entirely within the U.S.

Features and Specifications:

  • Each plasma unit used in preparation of this product was viral tested as per 21 CFR 610.40 at time of collection and found negative or nonreactive for the respective tests
  • Additional viral testing must be requested in advance
  • Each lot is 0.1um filtered, and tested for mycoplasma, sterility, endotoxin, osmolality, and chemistries

Quality Statement

This product is manufactured, tested and released following the relevant cGMP guidelines and ISO/TS 20399-1-3:2018.


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Serum is the clear, straw-colored, liquid portion of blood plasma that does not contain fibrinogen or blood cells and remains fluid after clotting.