cGMP CryoSolve™, Single-Use Syringe

cGMP CryoSolve™, Single-Use Syringe

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The highest quality is given in the production of CryoSolve™ that results in a product that is not only easy to use, but is sensitive to the delicate process of cryopreservation in cord blood and stem cell banking.

Features and Specifications:

  • Syringe made of USP Type I borosilicate glass: DMSO Compatible
  • Raw materials are serum and animal free, USP/EP/JP
  • Luer-lock syringe tip for ease-of-use and eliminates sharps
  • Packaging design supports the quality standards of automated/semi-automated cord blood processing in a closed system.
  • Stability, Sterility, Endotoxin, and Cell-base Release Testing
  • Ready-to-use

Note: The CryoSolve syringe itself is not intended for use as a freezing vessel. 

Quality Statement

Akron’s cGMP Products are manufactured, tested and released in compliance with relevant cGMP guidelines. USP Chapter ‹1043› “Ancillary materials for cell, gene and tissue-engineered products” has been followed in the manufacture of these products.

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CryoSolveTM contains raw materials that are USP/EP grade, sterile filtered and manufactured under cGMP conditions. Highest attention to quality was given in the production of CryoSolveTM, from inception to final product. That includes the use of the finest raw materials, the use of USP Type I borosilicate glass syringes and the design of packaging, all to provide our customers with a high performing product that is easy to use, and adheres to the sensitive process of cryopreservation.

Syringe Size

25 x 7 ml, 25 x 8 ml, 7 ml, 8 ml