cGMP AK-PolyFibers™, Polycaprolactone Polymer, Reagent Grade, Random

cGMP AK-PolyFibers™, Polycaprolactone Polymer, Reagent Grade, Random

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AK-Polyfibers™, Akron’s new range of 3D cell culture scaffolds are made from electrospun polymeric nanofibers. Make your cells feel right at home by giving them a substrate that closely resembles the mechanical and physical features of natural ECM.

Features and Specifications:

  • Multiple configurations: Plate inserts and custom 3D-engineered constructs
  • Create a more natural environment for your cells
  • Controlled cell expanison and differentiation
  • Allows easy removal of cells for assays and gene expression


Quality Statement

Akron’s cGMP Products are manufactured, tested and released in compliance with relevant cGMP guidelines. USP Chapter ‹1043› “Ancillary materials for cell, gene and tissue-engineered products” has been followed in the design of these products.

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AK-PolyFibers™ is a patent-pending electrospun fiber multiwell plates for high-throughput cell culture and cancer research. The new technology uses randomly oriented polymer nanofibers integrated into standard multi-well cell culture dishes and it can be easily scaled up for larger bioreactor systems.

Aligned 3-D substrates better mimic specific human in vivo environments and thus facilitate faster screening, more effective cancer research, and more controlled stem cell expansion and differentiation. AK-PolyFibers™ present assigned physical structure and mechanical support to the cells, as well as, allow for easy removal of cells after culture for assays and gene expression. Our polymer nanofiber products have also been used as substrate platforms for testing anti-migratory drugs in gliomas.

Well Plate Size

12 inserts, 24 inserts, 6 inserts