Tissue engineering approaches have concentrated mostly on chemical and electro-mechanical stimuli in order to influence and dictate cell proliferation and differentiation. While relative success has been achieved, substrates lacking appropriate structural characteristics could hinder prolonged viability of such treatments. By paying attention to closely mimicking the architecture of the extracellular matrix in target tissues, unprecedented achievements in Tissue Engineering applications are anticipated.

At Akron Biotech, we have the capabilities for producing a range of electrospun fiber mat scaffolds to accommodate many of the current architectural needs for prosperous tissue engineering modalities. Our manufacturing capabilities range from simple, randomly deposited fiber mats, to more complex architectures, including parallel alignment, axial alignment, quadrilateral deposition patterns, beaded fibers, as well as combinations of these. Moreover, our potential expands into electrospraying, allowing for fine particle coating as well as bead manufacturing for applications in drug delivery and beyond.

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