Together, we are stronger.

Partnering and building strategic alliances with life science organizations and institutions are key focuses at Akron. Since 2006, Akron has partnered with academic institutions, governments bodies, and private organizations on projects that range from discovery, development through to clinical development. As the preferred supplier for many academic institutions and national and international biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, our expertise spans several fields of regenerative medicine—among them recombinant proteins, drug and gene delivery technologies, custom media, development, cryopreservation solutions, 3D scaffolds, combinatorial devices and products, and bioassays.

Partner Spotlight

Akron is proud to collaborate with many academic partners. One of our ongoing collaborations is with Dr. Marsha Rolle, associate professor of Biomedical Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Her lab designs, fabricates, cultures, and analyzes cell-based engineered vascular tissue. Check out Dr. Rolle’s interview with ARMI | BioFabUSA.

Consortia, Grants, Initiatives

Akron is an active member of ISCT, ISSCR, ARM, NBF among others. Our participation in private-public as well as government initiatives through board and organizational memberships is testament to the field’s reliance on Akron’s expertise. Alongside our academic partners, Akron has been awarded—and continues to be awarded—SBIR grants to innovate in the areas of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, and we are always open to discussing new opportunities where such partnerships may make sense.

Alongside this, we regularly author Whitepapers, review papers and research papers, participate in the organization of conferences and are part of the following organizations:


Workforce Development and Education

As an active member of BioFlorida with close ties to local and national academic circles, alongside our long-standing commitment to education, Akron has invested heavily in programs aimed at educating and training the workforce through mentorship, lectureship and hands-on programs. We continuously participate in initiatives involving students—from high-school through to undergraduate and graduate level—and are committed to doing so.

Partner with Akron and Grow

Akron is passionate about developing and delivering advanced biologicals and cell therapies to areas of unmet health care needs. Your business can benefit through partnership with Akron.

1. Under the expert guidance of the Scientific Advisory Board, Akron is actively innovating and bringing new products to market. We form strong sales partnerships and offer custom formulations, bulk purchases, quality testing, and process validation services to meet our partners’ specific needs.

2. Akron specializes in developing new products to our partners’ specifications. Take advantage of our extensive knowledge and our ISO 9001- and ISO 13485- certified manufacturing facilities. We will work with you to develop your product and bring it to market.

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Akron continually builds on its own expertise by engaging in fruitful collaborations across the cell and gene therapy arena with academic, government and private institutions, in order to develop better cures for tomorrow.