Akron Biotech appoints new Scientific Advisory Board, further expanding its cell and gene therapy industry expertise

Boca Raton, FL, US, April 7, 2021 – Akron Biotech, a leading developer and manufacturer of cGMP-compliant ancillary materials for cell and gene therapy development and commercialization, today announces the appointment of a new Scientific Advisory Board. The board is comprised of world-leading scientists and experts in the cell and gene therapy field. It will

Reducing Variability in Cytokine Activity Reporting

Ensuring the quality and consistency of ancillary materials used in the manufacture of cell and gene therapies is critical to both controlling costs and ensuring the integrity of the therapeutic product. It is our responsibility as ancillary material manufacturers to reduce the variability that biomanufacturing presents. This is especially important when considering the manufacture of

Safety First: Methods of virus inactivation for increased safety of advanced therapies

Regulatory agencies around the world have been steadily increasing pressure on cell, gene, and tissue-engineered drug development companies to put safety first and find ways to control the inherent risks present in many of the raw materials used in the downstream processing of their advanced therapies. The industry has been largely transitioning away from animal-derived

The importance of cytokine and growth factor purity in cell therapy development and manufacturing

Today, it is more important than ever to understand the quality of ancillary materials in the cell and gene therapy supply chain. As part of a therapy developer’s risk and impact assessment, each material must be evaluated for purity, lot-to-lot consistency, and potential impact on the drug product. Because of its outsized impact on cost

Join us in Orlando and Amsterdam this week as we present our staged approach to cGMP ancillary materials

Ancillary materials play a critical role in the manufacture of cell and gene therapies, and best practices for their quality management are the subject of ongoing discussion. Given that these therapies cannot be sterilized, ancillary material quality is critical to clinical advancement and commercialization. At Akron, we believe that a harmonized definition of what constitutes