Akron Biotech is a privately-owned company founded in 2006 by Claudia Zylberberg, PhD. In the early days, the company was primarily a distributor of raw materials and components for the biotechnology industry. Over time, it expanded its product portfolio to fill key industry gaps, and expanded its core capabilities to offer greater value to its growing set of clients.

Akron’s first proprietary product was CryoSolve, a single-use syringe filled with cryopreservation media used for the cryopreservation of stem cells. The product remains one of Akron’s most successful products to this day, and is in use in stem cell banks around the world. Akron has remained an innovative company to this day, developing and commercializing new cryopreservation medias and human recombinant interleukins, among other components critical in the production of cell and gene therapies as well as engineered tissues.

From its humble beginnings, Akron has evolved into a company with a strategic focus on developing and commercializing enabling tools, technologies, and services for the regenerative medicine industry. As a global supplier, Akron manufactures and distributes components and raw materials for cell therapy discovery, development, and commercialization, meeting industry needs worldwide. The company’s unique business model emphasizes flexibility, quality, and unparalleled service—from research and development through clinical trial, market authorization, and commercial product.

The company has achieved a great deal in a relatively short period of time for a privately-owned company. It is ISO 13485 certified and holds 5 patents. It has received a number of awards, including the David J. Gury Company of the Year Award presented by BioFlorida in 2015, was identified as a Boca Raton Biotech Firm Poised for Growth by Sun Sentinel in 2015, and was voted one of the Top 50 Florida Companies to Watch by GrowFL in 2014.

The keys to Akron’s commercial strategy include an ability to identify industry bottlenecks and calibrate product strategy to resolve them, active participation in the development of industry standards and deep understanding of the shifting regulatory landscape, and perhaps most importantly, a dedication to manufacturing the highest quality ancillary materials on the market at competitive cost. Akron wins if its client reach markets with safe and cost-effective therapies.

To maintain its leadership position in this industry, Akron is constantly adapting and responding to meet customers’ changing needs. Akron develops strong relationships by furnishing clients with comprehensive solutions appropriate to the stage of development they find themselves in. Akron produces raw materials at USP, EP, and JP grades and biological reagents, from research grade to cGMP grade.

Furthermore, Akron’s products are supported by expert services that ensure regulatory compliance and a shorter time-to-market with fewer costly detours. Akron differentiates itself on the basis of its quality, consistency, and expertise. Given its success to date, and relentless focus on serving some of the largest companies in the global regenerative medicine industry, the company is well-placed to grow significantly in the coming years. 2017 saw the FDA approve some of the first gene therapy products. The best is yet to come, and Akron will continue to ensure that these products are produced safely and in a cost-effective manner so that they transform medicine and save lives.


Akron is committed to innovating and delivering the most robust, validated and compliant technologies and solutions to the cell and gene therapy arena.