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Specialized cell types and stem cells are sensitive to their environment 

Stem cells and other specialized cell types are especially sensitive to their environment. Minimize risk by using Akron reagents, either research or GMP grade, depending on your requirements. You can rely on the product you select, and depend on Akron’s quality.

Growth conditions for culturing stem cells must be optimized in order to maintain the cells’ phenotypes and biological activities. The composition of the medium and extracellular matrix on which the stem cells are maintained need to closely resemble that of the cells in the undifferentiated state. Product specifications will vary with the requirements of the particular type of stem cell you’re working with. So will the type of culture medium supplements your cells need to maintain optimum growth, and to stabilize self-renewable capacity.  

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Order Now Collagenase is an enzyme that breaks the peptide bonds in collagen and is typically used for tissue dissociation.
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Cell Culture Grade AK9116 Inquire Inquire
SoyTI - Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor
Order Now Excess crystalline trypsin can be completely neutralized with SoyTI Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor thus avoiding the use of serum for this purpose.
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5mg/ml, 50X Concentrate AK8339-0020 20ml $52.50
Order Now The use of crystalline trypsin, rather than crude trypsin, is often essential for successful, long term growth of cells with serum-free media formulations.
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Crystalline Trypsin Solution, Cell Culture Grade AK8336-0100 100ml $19.50
Crystalline Trypsin Solution, Cell Culture Grade AK8336-0500 500ml $52.65


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