Sera, Tissues, and Extracts

Akron is your supplier of choice for animal and human blood products, by-products, and tissues

Akron’s human products—blood products, byproducts and tissues—come from fully screened, consenting donors.  Whole blood from adult donors and cord blood are obtained and prepared according to each customer’s needs and specifications.

Akron also offers an extensive range of animal plasma and serum from bovine, rabbit, mouse, chicken, and reptile donors.

All Akron human and animal sera, tissues, and extracts meet the highest quality standards. Contact us about your specific needs.  

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Blood tissue is part liquid and part solid. The liquid consists of plasma, while the solid component consists of platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells.

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Serum is the clear, straw-colored, liquid portion of blood plasma that does not contain fibrinogen or blood cells and remains fluid after clotting.

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Plasma is the liquid component of blood. It accounts for over half of an individual's total blood volume.

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Extracts are made by taking tissues or fluids and extracting something from them. They are available as pastes, powders, and fluids.

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Animal tissue and organs are available for your research needs.

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As a global supplier, Akron manufactures and distributes components of and raw materials for cell therapy discovery, preclinical and clinical development through to commercialization.