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Akron supplies a range of products and reagents that are integral to life sciences research

Akron’s extensive line of research products and reagents includes recombinant and natural enzymes and coenzymes, and molecular biology reagents.

For the molecular biology laboratory, Akron supplies products for transfection, DNA digestion, and RNA sequence analysis. We offer protease-free and contaminant-free DNase I, RNase A, and Akron’s proprietary transfection reagent, AK-Transfect, used to incorporate nucleic acids into mammalian cells.



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DNase I
Order Now Deoxyribonuclease I (DNase I) is an endonuclease isolated from bovine pancreas that digests double- and single-stranded DNA into oligo- and mononucleotides.
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Reagent Grade AK3778-0050 50mg $39.60
Reagent Grade AK3778-0100 100mg $70.20
Reagent Grade AK3778-0500 500mg $288.50
Reagent Grade AK3778-0000 Bulk Inquire
RNase A
Order Now Ribonuclease A is used to remove RNA from DNA plasmid preparations and protein samples. It is Dnase and protease-free and is used in RNA sequence analysis and protection assays.
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Reagent Grade AK2760-0100 100mg $43.00
Reagent Grade AK2760-0500 500mg $150.00
Reagent Grade AK2760-1000 1g $280.00
Reagent Grade AK2760-0000 Bulk Inquire


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