Research Reagents

Akron supplies a range of products and reagents that are integral to life sciences research

Akron’s extensive line of research products and reagents includes recombinant and natural enzymes and coenzymes, and molecular biology reagents.

For the molecular biology laboratory, Akron supplies products for transfection, DNA digestion, and RNA sequence analysis. We offer protease-free and contaminant-free DNase I, RNase A, and Akron’s proprietary transfection reagent, AK-Transfect, used to incorporate nucleic acids into mammalian cells.

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Enzymes / Coenzymes

Enzymes are catalysts that bind to specific substrates to speed up reactions by allowing a lower activation energy. Often, enzymes bind with coenzymes in order to complete reactions.

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Molecular Biology

Akron Biotech offers molecular biology products designed for transfection, DNA digestion, and RNA sequence analysis, to aid in your research endeavors.

Akron Biotech Products
Growth factors, cytokines, cell culture, stem cells, primary cells, sera, tissue, extracts, plasma,regenerative medicine, 3D scaffolds
As a global supplier, Akron manufactures and distributes components of and raw materials for cell therapy discovery, preclinical and clinical development through to commercialization.