Growth Factors and Cytokines

These products are essential biochemical messengers for cellular housekeeping, growth, and biological functions

The many dozens of growth factor and cytokine products Akron offers reflect the wide range of functions inherent in the product line. We have these biochemical messengers from a range of species and expression systems, in research or GMP grade, depending on your needs (research and GMP grades differ due to more extensive documentation to meet GMP regulations). Whichever grade you choose, you can always rely on Akron quality. 

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Growth Factors

Growth factors are proteins that drive cellular proliferation, growth, division, and survival. They function to regulate these actions among cells of many different types.

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Cytokines make up a diverse group that includes proteins and peptides, and are responsible for regulating the functions of cells and tissues, as well as the interations between cells and tissues.

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Neurotrophic Factors

Neurotrophic factors are proteins that are responsible for the development, growth, and maintenance of neurons.

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Interleukins are a specific group of cytokines whose function is the regulation of immune responses. They regulate cell growth and differentiation, and monitor communication between cells.

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Peptide Hormones

Peptide hormones are peptides that function within the endocrine system of living humans and animals. They are typically water-soluble hormones that are composed of a few amino acids.

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Signal Transduction

Signal transduction is what happens when a receptor on a cell's surface is activated by a signaling cell. The receptor creates a response by causing the alteration of cells.

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