Akron researchers seek out and adapt to the newest, most innovative tools and technologies, and deliver them to the regenerative medicine industry.

Akron offers an extensive range of tools and technologies to support your entire work flow, from conception to commercialized clinical product. Our focus is to support the industry with products that offer the unique ability to seamlessly transition from R&D to preclinical and clinical development with minimal change control.

Research grade products are more cost-effective for basic research but are identical to their GMP grade counterparts, thus eliminating the need for further optimization or repeating any experiments. The only difference between research grade and GMP grade is the level of documentation required to meet GMP regulations.

Buy direct from the manufacturer, streamline your development timelines, and benefit from experienced support able to customize products to meet your requirements.

Growth Factors and Cytokines

Growth factors and cytokines are potent soluble signal transduction factors, essential for supporting cell growth and function.


Cell Culture

Specialized cell types and stem cells are sensitive to their environment. Lot-to-lot variablility and quality in cell culture reagents can have devastating consequences. Eliminate risk by using Akron’s reagents.


Primary Cells and Stem Cells

Primary cells and stem cells are an essential part of life, they can be found in all multicellular organisms. As a leading expert in stem cells and immunology, Akron offers a collection of human blood derived cells and stem cells isolated from healthy donors.


Sera, Tissues, and Extracts

Akron offers an extensive range of animal sera, plasma, byproducts, tissues and organs. We also offer human by products, cells, sera, and plasma from cord blood and peripheral blood.


Research Reagents

Akron supplies a range of products and reagents that are integral to life sciences research. This extensive product line includes both recombinant and natural enzymes and co-enzymes; in addition to, molecular biology reagents.


Cleanroom Products

The goal of the clean room environment is to have a low level of environmental pollutants. Akron is a leader in cleanroom products and managing mycoplasma infection, offering the CleanSolutions and MycoSolutions range of products.



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