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Drug Discovery

An exciting application realized from work with stem cells is the ability to create unlimited supplies of specialized cell phenotypes in vitro. Interest is rapidly growing in using in vitro stem cell-based assays in drug toxicology, small-molecule drug development, target identification, and disease modeling. These assays offer the ability to study discrete processes within a controlled in vitro environment.

Akron supplies the know-how and all the reagents needed to design and develop drug discovery assays. Products include stem cells and primary cells, growth factors, differentiation cytokines, and 2D and 3D natural, recombinant, and synthetic extracellular matrices.

Improved Pharmacological Models in Drug Discovery and Development

Contact us today if you have a question about our assay development services. Take advantage of our comprehensive knowledge and services in recombinant protein production, antibody generation, peptide synthesis, and cell-line development to deliver your assay in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Drug Discovery
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