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Ultimately, the aim of these assays is to be able to predict ‘future failures’ in the drug discovery phase where the costs are lower than during clinical development.

Disease Modeling

The financial impact of late-stage failures of drug candidates has driven the demand for faster and more predictive compound screens to reduce time-to-market and identify potential adverse drug-disease interactions. The industry demands the development and validation of predictive in vitro screens that can be implemented early in the R&D process.

Traditionally, animal models of disease have enabled enormous advances in our understanding. But animal models have shortcomings. Often they are artificially induced, and do not represent the true underlying disease state in humans. Human disease-specific stem cell lines can overcome these challenges, at least in part. Stem cells and cellular reprogramming technologies offer an exciting biological resource for the advancement of research and human medicines through disease modeling in a dish.

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Disease Modeling
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