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Akron understands the principles, advantages, and limitations of different cytotoxicity assay designs and readouts.

Cytotoxicity Assays

Cytotoxicity assays are widely used by researchers and by the pharmaceutical industry to investigate the toxicity of compounds on cellular systems. Cytotoxicity assays provide a rapid, sensitive, and validated approach to quantify harmful-dose ranges of compounds, and to analyze the biological effects of toxicity on living cellular systems.

Akron has extensive knowledge and expertise in designing, developing, and validating cytotoxicity assays. Drawing on our extensive reagent portfolio and on our manufacturing abilities to customize assay reagents and cell lines, our servicing offering is unparalleled within the industry. 

If you want to measure cytotoxicity, we can design and develop a cell-mediated cytotoxicity assay to meet your needs.

Akron offers multiple readouts for quantifying the cytotoxicity of compounds, including colorimetric, fluorescent, and luminescent assays that can be multiplexed with apoptosis or viability measurements. Our wide range of assay platforms includes the MultiTox-Glo Multiplex Cytotoxicity Assay, and the ApoGlow, MTT, XTT, MTS, and LDH assays. 

To complete the perfect assay, we’re able to select from more than 60 different cancer and noncancer cell lines, as well as numerous primary cell lines (e.g., HUVEC, HMVEC and NHDL). If an established cell line is not suitable for your assay, we can derive a novel cell line—either a recombinant cell line or a line isolated from primary tissue.

Contact us today if you have a question about our assay development services. Take advantage of our comprehensive knowledge and services in recombinant protein production, antibody generation, peptide synthesis, and cell-line development. We can deliver your assay in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Cytotoxicity Assays
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